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Market Report
Tuesday, October 25 - 891 Head
COWS $2.00 to $3.00 Lower
Utility ...................... $56.00 to $58.50
Cutters .................... $50.00 to $57.00
Canners .................. $42.00 to $48.00

BULLS Steady to $2.00 Lower
Slaughter .............. $69.50 to $83.00
Feeder ................. $65.00 to $86.00
Heiferette ............. $57.00 to $75.00

Friday, October 21 - 1,964 Head
Yearling Steers ..... $106.00 to $114.00
Yearling Heifers .... $85.00 to $112.50
Steer Calves ......... $106.00 to $147.00
Heifer Calves ....... $99.00 to $123.00

Early Consignments
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  *Next Sale is Friday, October 28 at 10 am ... Feeder Sale*
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Early Consignments

November 15, Stock Cow Sale

* 75 Bred Heifers, March Calvers,
Bred to calving ease Angus Bulls

* 50 Running age Stock Cows,
Angus and Red Angus Cross, March Calvers

* 25 Running Age Cows and Bred Cows,
March calvers, April and May

* 50 Bred Heifers, February-March Calvers,
Bred to Calving ease Skinner Bulls

* 20 Running Age Bred cows,
Angus and Angus Cross Cows

Regarding the Tuesday “Stock Cow Special” sales
In order for us at Montana Livestock Auction to better serve our Bred Cow and Cow-Calf Pair consignors, we are asking for all Bred Cows and Pairs be delivered to the yards no later than 12:00 pm (noon) Sunday.

The Special Stock Cow Sales are always on Tuesdays in conjunction with our Regular Sale. The earlier arrival deadline allows us time to work the cattle and know exactly what we have in the yards for ages, calving dates and head counts. We then notify interested buyers around the country in a timely manner so we can better merchandise all of your cattle, both bred cows and open cows.

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and thank you for your continued patronage.

Blake & Ted

Receiving Station
Sheridan Area
Contact: Garth @ 406-491-4719

Receiving Station
Dell, Horse Prairie Area
Contact: Blake @ 406-533-5904

Skinner Ranch Seedstock Female & Bull Sale

Rocky Mountain Stockgrowers Association 
Upcoming Special Sales:
Tues. Nov. 1 - Regular Sale
Fri. Nov. 4 - Feeder Sale
Tues. Nov. 8 - Regular Sale
Fri. Nov. 11 - Feeder Sale
Tues. Nov. 15 - Stock Cow and Regular Sale
Fri. Nov. 18 - Feeder Sale
Tues. Nov. 22 - Regular Sale
Fri. Nov. 25 - NO Sale
Tues. Nov. 29 - Regular Sale

Community Calendar

Nothing scheduled at this time.
If you have a 4H or non-profit community Ag event forthcoming,
we will be happy to list here for you. Please contact our office to let us know.

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